Slice Open Your Gut and Spill It out

Do you believe you are a dwarf or a person of giant size, walking on this earth for some reason, cursing your life as it is, never looking up or always looking up, wishing for a shooting star to bring you things aplenty. You do not want to settle for a simple life and yet are not willing to make the best out of it. At all.

Is Your Brain Washed out?

You are not the only one suffering, but then, thousands are while deep down you believe life has dealt you a stack of terrible cards, now people in chronic pain has seen more light than those like you. But hey why should we compare our own misery to the others? Did your mama not teach you how to grit your teeth and be happy with whatever little you have? Did you let the society wash your brain so that you are kept in check and follow the herd? Only consumerism must be the temple that you would like to enter any time and anywhere, you cannot develop independent thinking of what life is all about. No one said to that baby that the life ahead was indeed no bed of roses and to be satisfied with it you should know how to negotiate it, but without a set of basic skills you cannot simply dream of attaining anything. Now if your hands are empty, can the glass be half full? How can the life be fulfilling if it is mostly about hard work? Hard work alone does not guarantee anything in life, that is why it must be negotiated. Across the globe thousands are toiling breaking a sweat to make their life worth living somehow once they have found themselves on this planet and to what end? Thousands had been washed away by chance, by accident, and left their relatives grieving for them.

What Comes Next?

How to make that slice of life worth living again by seeing some beauty in minor glimpses of someone else’s life? Getting in close touch with the reality and nature comes to mind, whether you cry or not, it is out there you can reach out for it and touch it. While your family is still alive you can appreciate having them around and any minor quibble you could have against them would pale when you realize that one day you could be close to losing them for good, and that is what is going to happen anyway. However, when you realize how much you have got to lose then be patient with yourself and then with the others around you. You did not choose your family, you did not choose to exist, you can choose whether to breathe or not. Do it for yourself though, not your family.