Meditation and Improving Your Life

For thousands of years people from different parts of the world have practiced meditation. Its effectiveness is undoubted within the cultures of the people who practice it. It has been known as a means of achieving spiritual enlightenment. Aside from that, meditation can also be used as a means of getting more temporal benefits.

What the Practice of Meditation Is

When we think of the word meditation, the most common image that comes to our mind is that of a person sitting cross-legged ad with eyes closed. While a practitioner of meditation might do that, that sort of image kids of limits what meditation is and what has to be done in order to practice it.

Meditation can be any practice that would focus the mind. Staring at a picture for example and blotting out all other thoughts can be termed as meditation.

Bringing the Mind under Control

There is a need for meditation because the mind is constantly on the go. It is moving from one thought to another. This constant movement of the mind can cause a person to lose focus and fail to do important tasks. That is why meditation can help a person. The mind has to be brought under some form of control and meditation has a proven track record of achieving that.

In different religions, the practice of meditation is used in order to control the state of mind of a person in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment is difficult if the mind is clouded with so many conflicting thoughts and ideas. When one meditates and the constant focus is the achievement of enlightenment then it would be so much easier.

Meditation and Improving Your Life

But meditation can also have a more temporal benefit. You can use it in order to achieve things that are not just spiritual or religious.

If you are to perform some tasks for example and it requires a great deal of your concentration and focus then you must learn how to still your mind. If you don’t learn how to do that, then your mind would be constantly bugging you and you would find yourself thinking of things that has nothing to do with your task. A simple meditation practice that you can do regularly can go a long way in helping to clear the mind.

A Simple Meditation Practice

One simple meditation practice that you can use is the breathing meditation or the breathing exercise. Here are steps that you can do in order to perform this simple exercise:

    • Find a nice quite spot where nothing can disturb you.
    • Sit down comfortably. You don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor, you can sit on a chair if you want as long as you are comfortable.
    • Then relax and try to be calm.
    • Start breathing by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through the mouth.
    • Try to extend the exhaling portion.
    • Concentrate on the breathing. Feel the air as it passes through your body. Try to visualize it.

You can do it for several minutes and you will feel a refreshing effect after the practice.