Japa Meditation for Your Enlightenment

Have you been searching for a type of meditation that you can try? Then you might want to try doing japa meditation. It is a kind of meditation that you can use without any extensive training or preparation. All that is needed is for you to have a willingness in order to try it out.

Basic Understanding of Meditation

Before we can go any further about a particular type of meditation, we have to understand first what meditation in general is and what it aims to do. Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind. It could be used to focus on a sound or an image. As long as the mind is concentrated on something then it would be less likely to wander away.

The problem with the mind is that it is unstable. It jumps from one thought to another without any reason for it. That can be a huge problem for someone who needs to focus and to do something important. Everyone has experienced catching oneself thinking of one thing totally unrelated when doing a task.

The Taming of the Mind

In Vedic philosophy the real self is distinct from the mind and the body. These two things are seen as material covers for the real self which is the spirit inside of an individual. This means that the thoughts that are going through the mind are distinct from the self. They have likened it to a person sitting and watching a TV. The person is the spirit or the real self while the TV is the mind. The shows on the TV set are the thoughts that come to the mind.

This means that in order to achieve our goals we must learn how to control the mind. The best way that a goal like that can be achieved is through the constant and regular practice of meditation.

Japa Meditation for Your Enlightenment

One of the best forms of meditation that you can practice is the so-called japa meditation. Japa meditation is an ancient practice and its effectiveness has long been proven. Japa comes from a word which means to utter and this is in reference to the fact that this form of meditation uses the utterance of mantras as its main practice. In this form of meditation, a mantra which is a word or a phrase is repeated over and over again. The mind is supposed to concentrate on the sound being uttered.

The Use of Beads in Japa Meditation

In the most common form of japa meditation, a bead is used in order to serve as a guide for the person. One piece of bead would be equal to one utterance of a mantra and as one finishes the bead then that is considered one round. Practitioners agree to take on a specific number of rounds each day.

The practice can help in clearing the mind and is very helpful in those seeking to gain enlightenment. You should learn more about this practice if you want to explore more about meditation. It can be an easy first step.