How to Repair and Replace a Window Fan

No matter how hard you try on maintaining the condition of your window fan, you will eventually have to repair or replace it with a new one. Cleaning and keeping the device in top condition is essential but can always end up needing repairs and changes in parts and in whole. This can be done though by anyone as long as they follow the steps on how to fix and change window fans.

Fixing window fans is quite challenging though. However, it can be easily picked up and learned by any homeowner. This will be on his or her advantage as he or she will be gaining knowledge on how to handle repairs on such device. Aside from saving money, learning how to repair and replace a window fan will also allow any person to optimize the function of the equipment.

  • Identify Problem and What Causes It – regular inspection should be always done in order to maintain the top condition of any device. However, all equipment ends up needing repairs and replacements as these have longevity. They tend to deteriorate both in function and in structural integrity in the long run. Check out all of the parts of the device to identify the problem and its cause. You should inspect from the chords to the smallest part such as screws as sometimes these tiny stuffs are the cause of such problems. After you have identified the cause, the next step would be to check if it needs to be fixed or changed with a new one.
  • Purchase Parts for Repairs and Replacement Purposes – as soon as you have spotted the parts that cause deterioration in the function of the window fan, the best thing to do is to seek their replacements. Write down the stuffs you need to purchase so that you will not miss a thing when you go to the equipment store. Do not settle with low quality and cheap parts as you can expect that these will not be cost effective. Buy those that are known to be of good quality. This will give you the peace of mind that your window will function back to its normal condition.
  • Remove Grill – before you can be able to work with the fan, it would be much better if you take off the grill. This will allow you to have an easier access on the various parts of the window fan. This will also help you in eliminating any difficulty in cleaning dirty parts that may sometimes also contribute to the lower performance level of the equipment. Remove the damaged part carefully using the appropriate tools for the job. Make sure that the fan is unplugged for your safety.
  • Install New Parts – after you are through removing the parts, you can now install the new ones. Similar with the removal process, you will also need the same tools that you have used in the previous procedure. After a successful installation you can now plug the fan and test it to see if the repair was a success.