Four Signs That Your Relationship Is Functioning

Your relationship is happy but can be a little rocky at times. It was just a fling before that morphed into a commitment. Yet, you still think if you really are heading towards the right course even though you are looking forward to moving in together and youíre not afraid of the thought either. So, here are the themes that say the lessons are grander than the grand love story itself.

You don’t watch the pot to boil.

Your love story has particulars. You just overlooked them because of your expectations that will just disappoint you. For instance, youíre waiting to be surprised for a perfectly romantic evening or be given that beautiful necklace which signifies the value of your relationship. Instances like these actually happen but they have their timing. A real love story is far from those in the movies and chick flicks. Most likely, if you try to remember, youíll be surprised at how happier and emotionally charged you are at the thought of those simple early morning jokes and laughs compared to the expensive romantic dinner you just had last weekend.

You become better.

This may sound cold but one essential backbone of a good relationship is knowing that you can live without your partner. Yes, it will hurt if that person goes away, it will make you extremely sad and your life will seem incomplete; but, great love must be able to make you a stronger, more wonderful and a better version of your old self. This is why some individuals do not get bitter when their relationship ends because it has helped mold them into the individuals that they are now. Though they did not last, they are still good relationships to look back to.

You become just and reasonable especially in fights.

You fight, you make up. You easily get over it and you fought fairly. It is normal to have a fight; even the strongest relationships have one or two periodically. It may be because of some random things both petty and serious. You should not avoid such arguments. You should tackle them reasonably like a mature individual should so no one is going to regret in the end. Just try to breathe, weigh up your positions and discuss your feelings or how the situation made you feel.

Sex becomes love-making.

Having sex becomes more of a connection between the two of you. Good sex is essential but it is not really a foundation of a good relationship. Actually, it can be tricky. It is oftentimes full of inhibitions, control and issues regarding self-worth. There are many couples out there who are pressured with their sex lives when in fact they shouldnít be. Sex comes and goes just like the tides. Whatís important is that you are still intimate and communicates about the various events in your lives. Going on a few weeks or even months without a hot sex because of work, for instance, should not make you feel physically or emotionally deprived. Your sexy moments will just return providing you are honest and open about what you really feel and need.