Essential Tips on Resetting Your Passion for Photography

For some people, it takes much to hold and keep or even get their interest. An interest in photography is no exception. So, here are a couple of things that you can try to reset your passion for taking pictures.

Take a Vacation and Lock your Camera Up

Yes, literally lock your camera up in your closet and go somewhere nice for a week or two where you will have no access to Photoshop, no point-and-shoot sessions and the if-only-i-have-my-camera line is forbidden. Rather, youíll realize how nice it is to see such beauty with your own eyes and not through your lenses. Yes, you may take a mobile phone picture because limiting this one would seem too much. After or while being away, you will find yourself craving for photography again because of the fresh ideas you have and a rested set of eyes.

Offer Your Services Pro Bono

Doing free photography services is one way of recharging and bringing back your good energy in a way or the other. There are no standards of how to do this. Simply offer your skills and services compassionately.

Hang Out at the other Side of Your Lens

You may not be a fan of selfies but being on the other side of the lens can actually get you back into a firm and beneficial mindset. Have others take your picture just as you would ask others that you want to take theirs. Youíll be surprised how humbling this can be and how it can give you ideas while you are on the other side.

Take a Picture of Something You Wouldn’t Traditionally be Interested In

Some photographers are only interested in taking images of people and anything other than human subjects disinterests them. However, this is actually a good way to challenge yourself. You have a good camera and some post-processing skills, so, whatís there to lose? Instead, you will be gaining something from this. How would you know that you are also as good in photographing landscapes as you are with people? Youíll realize how a single picture out of your comfort zone of human subjects can make you smile and proud. It may just be a simple form of art but it is something that tells you about your really good eye.

Ask Someone for an Assignment and a Deadline

Sometimes, you can find yourself resting in a photographic coma. This can be the best time to ask someone, like a friend, to give you an assignment or a task. They can ask you for a picture of anything. Plus, getting an assignment from someone can make you feel important and proud of yourself because somehow, they trust you for the task no matter how simple it is. This will make you think that this is not about how lazy you feel at taking photos today but about a favor someone needs from you which you would obviously want to make. The good thing about this is that you will realize if you are good at taking pictures of a specific subject or not and this can be another room for your improvement.

As simple as that. You can now feel recharged and prepared to go back up on the saddle.